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Being an Adept Graphic Designer in Aryxe Group

What is it like being a professional graphic designer? Hristo Sahatchiev gives more insights about what it.....

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Ist das Ende der Influencer in Sicht?

Jedes Mal, wenn eine Marketing-Taktik an Bedeutung zunimmt und ihren Einfluss ausbaut, fragen sich Marketingspezialisten, ob sie nicht schon ihr Ziel erreicht hat und ein Ende dieser in Sicht kommt. In unserem Artikel vom 28.02.2919 haben wir schon auf die Veränderung im Influencer-Marketing hinsichtlich der wachsenden Bedeutung von  Mikro-Influencern hingewiesen. Nun wird dem Influencer Marketing generell der Tod für 2019 vorhergesagt, aber stimmt das?

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Changes in influencer marketing and the growing importance of micro-influencers in the hospitality industry

Undisputedly influencers can tap into the right kind of audience and offer brand awareness – in industries from consumer goods to services and hotels and restaurants. Whereas most hospitality businesses acknowledge fathe benefit of working with Instagrammers or YouTubers, namely allowing hotels and restaurants to directly market to new audiences in a more personal way, the countless request of self-described Instagram stars for all-inclusive vacations in exchange for some social media posts has pushed some businesses to drastic measures.

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5 social media trends that your business should not miss in 2019

Content marketing trends continue to shape the social media world, which is constantly changing, bringing with it.....

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Effective social media marketing for small businesses – interview with Julia Atanassova

Julia shared with us her insights on the use of social media platforms by small and medium companies and which features they need to utilize to reach their ideal customers. We discuss key aspects which every social media strategy needs to take into account and point some of the most important metrics that need to be tracked to measure valuable results from social media.

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Becoming a pioneer in a new era – are businesses ready to adopt Blockchain?

What was the latest thing you read about Blockchain? Ever since the massive growth of the technology, news media have been scattered with fraud allegations, suspicious uses of cryptocurrencies or numerous plunges in the bitcoin stocks.

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The state of the Bulgarian tourism – key trends businesses need to know about

Bulgaria is on the list of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Europe. It has registered a growth of 7.3% in the number of foreign tourists for the period January-November 2017 compared to the same period a year earlier. For the 11 months of the year, the country was visited by 8,425,620 foreign tourists.

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What happens in social media in 60 seconds? – 2018 updated

Social networking platforms are going to grow even bigger as people adopt them into their everyday lives. There are now almost 2.5 billion social media users and with social media, you can reach a massive amount of potential customers for free – through organic posts or social media advertising.

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How well do you manage your website? Avoiding a crucial mistake most website owners make.

Websites are businesses’ main point of interaction with current and potential customers. A website communicates the message that you want to spread to the world. For this reason, you need a website which accurately represents your brand personality, your values and most importantly, your products or services. Once you have it, the website needs to grow simultaneously with the development of your business.

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The power of social media as a recruitment tool

The use of social media as a recruitment tool is widely spread among a number of industries, some of the most common ones being the creative industry. Almost every advertising and digital agency is using social media to attract new applicants for their positions. Nevertheless, numerous other industries are also actively seeking new talent on social networks, including the military.