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Digitale transformation with concrete results - modular business solutions by Aryxe!

Aryxe develops modular digital business solutions that allow small and medium-sized companies to grow faster and that make those enterprises more successful. Founded in 2015, Aryxe now has 4 branches in 4 European countries, 20 employees and serves 200+ customers. The headquarters are located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Management Team

Stephan M. Muehlemann

CEO and Co-Founder
Creative Director

Benjamin Geissel

CTO and Co-Founder

Roland Schianchi


Kalin Nikolov


Aleksandar Atanasov

Head of Development

Our Story

In 1997, co-founder Stephan Muehlemann read the book “Beyond Business Process Reengineering: Towards the Holonic Enterprise” by Patrick McHugh, Giorgio Merli, and William A. Wheeler. It was to become a book whose fundamental content would continue to occupy him even twenty years later. At a time when huge changes were beginning to emerge, the authors occupied themselves with future models of companies, their production and organizational structures, and the effects on the entire economy. A few years later one of the most important articles, “The Long Tail,” appeared in the magazine “Wired.” The article shined a light on the market potential and the distribution model of products in mega niches. As early as 1996, “Wired” not only described crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and viral marketing, but also explained the mechanisms of social media and thus anticipated some of the biggest tech trends of all – in some cases by almost twenty years. Both publications, the book as well as “The Long Tail,” describe innovative forms of business that are not politically dogmatic as in all large companies, but innovation-driven and product-oriented. The tech magazine “Wired” still exists but was bought in 2006 by a global publisher.

After Stephan had worked for IBM in Ireland for a few years and had acquired a solid foundation in mainframe computing and e-business in Dublin, the USA, and the UK; a position at Dell followed. Among other things, he was sales manager for corporate customers, was responsible for the indirect solutions business for Central Europe for a few years and finally built up the indirect business for Dell in Switzerland – the first country for Dell in Europe – and in Austria, against the will of both the former VP and the management in Switzerland. Distribution quickly developed into the mainstay of sales in Switzerland and Austria and is now the preferred distribution channel for Dell in Europe.

In 2010 Stephan and Benni met in Germany, where Benni had already designed and implemented enterprise solutions for various system houses for several years. Benni took over responsibility for technical partner management at Dell’s indirect enterprise team in Frankfurt and after a year moved to Switzerland, where he established partners for Dell Switzerland and later also for Dell Austria.

In 2013, Stephan met the CTO of a Swiss cloud startup at a customer event in Paris and what was initially a classic partner-manufacturer relationship quickly turned into an intensive collaboration, as Stephan was, and still is, of the opinion that the time of monolithic, large-scale IT manufacturers is coming to an end. The developments of the last few years, which affect all of the remaining powerful players in the market, show that the speed with which the market is simultaneously fragmenting and recondensing elsewhere has increased.

In the second half of 2014, Stephan joined Cloudlynx in Basel and was responsible for sales and marketing. Stephan brought Benni and two other Dell colleagues on board, and they developed a distribution concept and formed preliminary contracts with well-known companies. Benni was responsible for setting up the international partner network and after just a few weeks the basis for an ambitious vision was laid: to make cloud services and cloud infrastructure accessible to medium-sized companies through distributors and thousands of partners. Because of high costs, especially in the area of ​​R&D, and technical problems, the main investor decided to get out in April 2015, and the fate of Cloudlynx was sealed not only because of incorrect strategic considerations; Cloudlynx focused on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), the technical foundation of everyone Cloud environment. Since IaaS does not bring enough additional value and thereby represents merely a cloud-based implementation of a classic, physical server infrastructure, IaaS providers are also subject to the same ruinous price wars as the classic manufacturers of IT systems.

At a start-up conference in London and a cloud event in Paris shortly before the turn of the year 2014/2015, Stephan had the opportunity to speak to various exponents of large VC funds from the USA, Israel, Russia, and Germany. Through conversations among Stephan and company founders from various countries, it became increasingly clear that the innovation push was going in the direction of intelligent services. It quickly became clear that the fate of Cloudlynx was neither a reason to quit nor to come back to a large, established corporation. The approach to the strategic orientation of Cloudlynx differed fundamentally from the conception of the original company founders, but Stephan and Benny were convinced of the enormous potential of cloud technology and its applications for medium-sized companies.

After cloud events in Berlin and Brussels, discussions with Joe Weinman (“Cloudonomics”), and various other business contacts, it became more and more apparent that cloud-based services and business models will not only revolutionize the IT industry in the midterm – just as the personal computer had done in the 1980s, or the Internet after 1995 – but also have the greatest impact on the entire business world. Giving companies of any size the professionalism, speed, and impact like those of a corporation – all based on scalable, coordinated and flexible business modules – that is the “on-demand enterprise,” that was the vision Stephan and Benni had in mind.

In order to open their minds to new thoughts, Stephan and Benny rent a loft in Mokotow, a district of Warsaw, one of the most interesting metropolises in Europe, which Stephan has known very well for years. During day-long (and night-long) sessions and hours of exploration walks across the city in May and June 2015, the concept for a new company arose. A company that develops future-oriented products and services for small and medium-sized companies. Business processes so simple, so flexible, and so powerful that companies can be configured like a mobile phone contract. A company that knows how to implement the latest technical developments in such a way that they can be made available to medium-sized companies as flexible, scalable and professional business modules via partner networks. A company that makes other companies more successful. Successive work was done on business processes, services, and products, and the first partner meetings were held. From the second half of the year onward, various locations in Poland (i.e. Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, and Lublin) were considered, as well as Vilnius in Lithuania, Tallinn in Estonia, Bratislava and Kosice in Slovakia, and Sofia and Varna in Bulgaria. Soon thereafter, the companies were founded in Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria.

Since the first active financial year 2016, group sales quadrupled by the end of 2019. In mid-2019 Aryxe reached the operating profit zone, and we anticipate a further 33% increase in group sales for 2020, with a tenfold increase in operating profit.

In 2021 the Aryxe Group will open the second operational base in Poland, from which the local market in Poland as well as the Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Baltic States will be tapped. At the same time, two services will initially be rendered from Poland, including a new vertical solution. In addition, the Aryxe Group is planning a holding company for real estate in Central and Eastern Europe with an investment volume of 150 million euros over the next 10 years. More information follows in a few weeks.


April 2015,

The decision to create Aryxe is being taken in Friedrichshafen during a Cloudlynx management-workshop. Stephan leads Sales & Marketing for Cloudlynx, Benni manages the global partner program. For various tactical and strategic reasons the future of Cloudlynx looks doubtful.

April 2015 ,

A few weeks after the management workshop and still fighting technical problems Cloudlynx deposits the balance sheets - the main (infamous) investor decided to pull out.

Mai 2015,

A loft in Moktov is rented and the business model and business plan developed.

Mai 2015,

The company name Aryxe is being created after reading through many pages of the history of greek mythology.

Mai 2015,

Visit in Poznan, meetings with the local Polish investment agency and the MD of the largest Polish cloud company.

Juni 2015,

Meetings with the Polish investment agency in Warsaw.

Juli 2015,

The Aryxe logo featuring the "owl face" is being created

Juli 2015,
Mailand und Locarno

First talks with potential investors yield no result

Juli 2015,

Visit in Lublin. Meetings with the local investment agency and the dean of the mathematic faculty of the University of Lublin. Lublin is the place for Aryxe in Poland!

August 2015,
Zürich und Lachen

Talks with new potential investors are successful

August 2015,

The German software distributor Prianto becomes both a customer (consulting) and a distributor for Aryxe XaaS solutions

August 2015,

During lunch in a restaurant close to lake Pancherevo close to Sofia the decision to establish the first operational base in Sofia is taken

September 2015,

Visit in Tallinn, we take the decision to establish the group headquarters in the Estonian capital

September 2015,

Aryxe Poland is established in Lublin

Oktober 2015,

First meet-up's with partners

Oktober 2015,

Aryxe has a guest lecture about entrepreneurship at the University of Lublin

November 2015,

The search for suitable office space in Sofia starts

November 2015,

Meeting with the Bulgarian ambassador at the Bulgarian embassy in Bern

November 2015,

Creation of the Estonian group in Tallinn

Dezember 2015,

The first XaaS-product is designed (Social Media as a Service)


January 2016,

Over Christmas and New Year 2015/2015 the first Aryxe website is designed in Athens, Greece

February 2016,

The decision is taken to set up the first corporate office in the "Vertigo"-tower in Sofia

April 2016,

First customer event in the "Technopark" in Zurich with 40 attendees

May 2016,

Aryxe moves into the offices in Sofia. Initially we rent a few desks and chairs from a furniture shop downstairs and operate with the shared wireless from Stephan's phone. Later a conference room, custom-made furniture and a backlit Aryxe-logo are being installed.


April 2017,

Based on the same methodology as the first XaaS-module Aryxe launches the next product: Digital Advertising as a Service (DAaaS)

Juni 2017,

Aryxe includes development services in its portfolio. We are starting to create and develop professional websites, web applications, mobile apps and e-commerce solutions.


Januar 2018,

The revenue of the Aryxe group has doubled within a year

April 2018,

Aryxe welcomes its 10th employee


Januar 2019,

The revenue of the Aryxe group grew by 33 percent vs. the previous year

Juli 2019,

Aryxe wins the Ministry of Tourism in Sofia as a customer (Digital Advertising as a Service)

August 2019,

Aryxe develops the next two XaaS-modules, Digital design as a Service and Content Production as a Service

September 2019,

The founders of Aryxe meet in Thessaloniki for an extended workshop and develop the growth plan for the next 10 years

Oktober 2019,

For the first time the Aryxe Group crossed the threshold to achieve a positive operational result

Dezember 2019,

Aryxe welcomes the 50th customer


Januar 2020,

The Aryxe Group has increased the revenue in 2019 by 30 percent. The development business has doubled for the second year in a row.

Februar 2020,

The Aryxe Group has 20 employees

März 2020,

The Aryxe Group acquires 7.5 percent of the "Motorido Group" in Germany. The Motorido Group develops and manages platforms for vehicles in niche markets such as classic cars, motor homes and commercial.

Mai 2020,

The Aryxe Group acquires 33.33 percent "Loftlabs", a digital agency based in Switzerland. Loftlabs creates innvative media-concepts for customers such as Porsche, Zurich Insurance, Bugatti, Yallo and others.

Juli 2020,

By the end of June the Aryxe Group has achieved 60 % of the revenue for the year 2019.

Juli 2020,

The first Vertical Solutions module "Travel, Tourism & Hospitality" goes live.


Januar 2021,

The Aryxe Group has grown its revenue by 20% vs. 2019. The operational profit grew by 300%.