Becoming a pioneer in a new era – are businesses ready to adopt Blockchain?

What was the latest thing you read about Blockchain? Ever since the massive growth of the technology, news media have been scattered with fraud allegations, suspicious uses of cryptocurrencies or numerous plunges in the bitcoin stocks.

With this vague representation of the Blockchain technology in society, it is hard for the general public to establish an accurate understanding of what it involves and how it is used to drive innovation. To clarify the actual prospects for a future where Blockchain will play a crucial role in the way business is done, we look at how companies comprehend the potential of the technology and its applications. „Becoming a pioneer in a new era – are businesses ready to adopt Blockchain?“ Weiterlesen

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Risks and opportunities in education – interview with Stephan M. Muehlemann

Stephan M. Muehlemann, CEO and Co-Founder of Aryxe Group, shared his insights on the educational system in Bulgaria and its influence on businesses in the numbers of qualified labor it generates, with the online magazine Bulgarian Science.

Bulgarian Science is a year-long publication and source of interesting and new information in the science field and has long been at the forefront of scientific developments.

The educational system in Bulgaria has had a direct influence on the numbers of qualified workers and the attractiveness of the region to foreign companies. Many organizations have moved operations to the Balkan country in an effort to cut costs and benefit from the so-called “near-sourcing” of operations close to their headquarters. The same organizations, nevertheless, bring about an instability in the local economy by increasing the inconsistency of skills and remuneration between them and local companies.

A key area for discussion is also the readiness of school-leavers and graduates to enter the work life and effectively contribute to the economy by being skilled in multiple fields. To achieve this in an economy where the difference between professional demand and educational supply is prominently increasing, it is of uppermost importance that businesses and providers of education work closely together to build long-term bonds.

Learn what businesses can do to nurture a qualified workforce and the challenges behind this in the full interview on

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