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What are the MOST Important Factors for Blogging Success?

Growth Badger asked 1,117 bloggers about their techniques and results to find out what are the most.....

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Dortmund is More Than Just About Football!

Dortmund is a city in the northwestern area of Germany. It was founded in 882. The city.....

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Pinterest statistic that matter to marketers in 2019

What are the Reasons for users to access Pinterest?

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Expert with German WANTED!

Are you tired of the same day to day routine? Maybe it`s time to look for a.....

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10 Interesting facts about Belgrade that MOST of you don`t know!

The only WHITE Capital city in the world Belgrade, which literally means the “White City”, is the.....

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Bringing the Asian Marketing Perspective in Aryxe: Interview with Na Cheng

We are pleased to introduce to you one of the new members of our team – Na.....

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Graph of the week – Engagement rates for Twitter

Engagements are a combination of likes, comments, favorites, shares, reactions, and retweets. A good overall engagement rate.....

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Every second German uses Facebook daily

Whatsapp and Facebook are the most popular social media in Germany. According to a recent study by.....

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Destination in Focus – Eichstätt

Eichstätt is a town in the heart of the Altmühl Valley nature park, centrally located in the state of Bavaria. It is home to around 13.000 people, including 5.500 students, which makes Eichstätt the smallest city in Europe with a university.

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Destination of the week – Kiev

Despite numerous conquests and destructions, the capital of Ukraine is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. Even the almost 70-year-old period of communism was not able to do much about it. Founded in the 8th century, it became capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1934. In 1991 it became capital of independent Ukraine.