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The Art of Social Media Stories

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them”     – Ira Glass

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TikTok – The World`s Most Valuable Startup!

Bytedance, the owner of short videos app TikTok, has surpassed Uber Technologies Inc. to become the world’s.....

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The Impact of Voice Search on Online Marketing in 2019

Voice Search is a speech recognition technology that allows the user to search for words by using.....

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The Most Popular E-mail Clients in 2019

Today, people are working to make their online business more successful than ever and make the most.....

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Next Generation of 5G Networks

The next generation of mobile networks – 5G is much more than the faster Internet of the.....

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Why should I create a negative buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a fictitious personality that represents your ideal client. By adding different customer data,.....

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Cashless Society by Using Mobile Payment

The term Mobile Payment (also known as M-payment) refers to mobile electronic techniques for initiating, authorization or.....

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The Benefits and Importance of Mobile CRM

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a software application for organizations and businesses that manages the.....

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Is Paid Acquisition Worth it?

Every Business Model needs to grow and its primary goal is to attract visitors and to convert.....

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Get a Strong Website Ranking by SEO!

Poor search engine visibility is no longer an option. The profitability and visibility of every business website.....