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Highlights of the Month – November

by Aryxians Advertising investment still on a decline (-3% YoY), according to SMI According to the Standard.....

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The importance of research for your business

by Krisiana Kostadinova Are you planning to start a new business, or do you already run a.....

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Content Marketing tips for your brand

by Teodora Atanasova Most marketing campaigns nowadays are becoming more and more centralized around contextual targeting rather.....

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Staying Agile – Part 3/4

by Aleksandra Stamatović By its nature, agility is quite a challenge for any large organization. The staple.....

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#Aryxe Talks: Agile team dynamics, culture shift & collaboration

by Teodora Atanasova & Aleksandra Stamatović Agile visionaries put great trust into teamwork being essential to good.....

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The global impact of COVID-19: How long is it going to last and what you can do to keep your hospitality business healthy?

The coronavirus (from the Latin word “corona”, meaning crown or halo) is a virus, that causes illnesses.....

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ICO services from Aryxe – making your ICO stand out

ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) continue to draw plenty of attention. In the first 9 months of 2018, the total generated amount has reached over $ 20 bn, representing a 333 % increase compared to 2017. There are numerous reasons why ICO launches have become some of the most promising ways to raise capital in particular for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses).

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How Blockchain will change the world – The fashion store which is a technology Start-up

In in a series of 8 articles, Stephan Muehlemann, the CEO and co-founder of Aryxe, discusses the development of blockchain, its role in business today and the ways in which it will change social structures.

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5 things you need to seriously consider when managing your company’s social media

Multiply the return on investment of your marketing activities by creating highly performing social media profiles. In our newest article, we discuss the critical factors which decision makers need to consider before starting their next social media campaign.

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Textile Industry in Bulgaria 2017: Technical textiles

The importance of technical textile will exceed $193bn by 2020. It is mostly driven by a growing demand for wearable technology, expanding applications in healthcare, transportation, protective textiles and agriculture.

Increasingly, smart fabrics are being used in sports fashion and performance wear but fashion apparel manufacturers are also starting to implement them. As a result, the textile industry is becoming increasingly influenced by science and technology.