Digital Transformation with Aryxe Vertical Solutions. Sustainable. Scalable. Future-proof.

Aryxe Vertical Solutions incorporate the modular XaaS problem-solving approach and combine it with deep industry know-how. Benefit from the advantages of vertical integration without having to invest in peripheral know-how yourself. Use the advantages of innovative services without having to undertake the capital-intensive acquisition of partners or suppliers.


Hotel rooms in the most important tourism countries in Europe, retrieved 2018, source: Statista

The modular services package is a fast, professional and lean solution for all companies in the travel, tourism, and gastronomy industries where visibility in digital media, direct communication with existing and potential customers as well as direct bookings are important.

Increased visibility


More direct bookings


Lower marketing cost


Higher conversion rates

Social Media Increases your visibility and designs, publishes and manages posts on all relevant social media platforms. Because what people don’t see online they don’t purchase online.

Digital Advertising Shows your advertising at the right time and to the audience you want. Affordable and measurable.

Content Production «Content is King» – good content always wins! Exclusive and well-targeted content improves your brand awareness and generates additional quality-traffic.

Digital Design Professional and aesthetically pleasing infographics, Instagram ad and Facebook graphics ensure a positive user experience.

Community Management Active Management of comments on your Facebook page, Instagram account or blog makes for closeness and trust.

On-location Production: Photos say more than 1000 words. And what about videos? With professional photos and your videos your location will become the star!


Aryxe Extreme Logistics picks up your freight from you and delivers it reliably and timely to almost any place in the world. Regardless of whether you have to transport medication to Zambia, would like to pick up a damaged machine in Uzbekistan, want to bring equipment back and forth for a few days for a trade fair in Singapore, or want to transport a textile machine to a customer in the USA – well practiced processes and years of experience make even almost impossible destinations accessible. Emergencies and extremely short times are a challenge, not an obstacle!

Fast Depending on the situation and destination – by rail, road, ship or by air freight

Reliable Jahrelange Years of experience in dealing with customs authorities and supply chains ensure maximum quality

Multi-faceted From general cargo to special transports and trade-fair logistics


High quality photos and videos are proven to increase sales! At the same time, they strengthen brand identity and customer loyalty.

Higher conversion rates


Increased sales

Social Media: 62% of customers discover new products through videos in their social media feeds (styleshoots)

But – who produces these photos and videos and at what cost? With a shop featuring 250 products and a monthly refresh of a modest 10 percent, that means 300 videos and approximately 1500 photos per year. In a larger online-shop with 5000 products and 20 percent new products per month that’s 50 videos and 250 pictures – per day. Every day! The big players on the market employ their own production teams, which, for cost reasons, is unrealistic for shops with fewer than 100 employees, as the minimum cost for their own production team including equipment and the increased space requirements would be less than 10,000 Euros per month.

The vertical solution module from Aryxe Vertical Solutions solves this problem and reliably delivers photos and videos of consistently high quality with “your” look!







Luxury Fashion


Functional Wear


Being on time is great, being a bit early is ok, being too late is a desaster.

Era. Point in time. These two factors largely determine the success or failure of a new product or a newly founded start-up.



Developing new products and defining concepts in a focused manner without losing valuable time for time-consuming yet important tasks. Aryxe Vertical Solutions delivers performance without delay, saving you time and resources.



Aryxe was founded as a start-up, and we know the opportunities and risks associated with founding a company from personal experiences.



Corporate Decks


Investor Decks


Websites & Mobile Apps


Corporate Videos & Imagephotos


Digital Advertising


Social Media


Content Marketing & Content Production


Digital Design

Unity is strength...

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