The global revenue from SOCIAL MEDIA

has risen from 14.2 billion euro in 2013

to 26.9 billion euro in 2016.


By 2019 the revenue from Social Media is expected to reach 40 billion euro.

47% of the millennials base their buying decision entirely or partly on social media, versus only 19% across all the age groups. This means that the revenue generated by social media is bound to further accelerate in the near future.

Social Media Key Facts & Statistics

11% of the Facebook users are seniors and currently they are the fastest growing demographic among social networks.

78% of people said that social media posts of companies influence their buying decisions.

Young people influenced by social media spend 27% more for a pair of underwear versus the average buyer. Furthermore, they shop for underwear twice as much – about five times per year.

With an average engagement ratio of 40.68%, Instagram is the most effective channel for companies in the automobile  industry.

The global online revenue for the travel sector is expected to rise from $496 billion in 2015 to more than $919 billion in 2020.


The importance of social media is continuously growing. To effectively promote not only your business, products and services but also to attract the right talent, it is no longer enough to draft a sustainable digital communication strategy. If you cannot execute this strategy, your plan is useless. So, to succeed you also need a skilled team.

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