Research by Aryxe provides medium-sized companies with unbiased, professionally crafted bases for decision making. 

Making decisions is one of the most important tasks of every business leadership. It is precisely these decisions which lead to future success or failure of a company. Whether a branch network is expanded or cut, or whether investments are made in a new market, in a new country, or in an expansion of product offerings – bases of decision-making that equip management with the necessary independent foresight, must always be set out. Inadequate data collection – or an absence thereof – or poor evaluation or analysis of data automatically leads to blind decision-making for the affected company. Often this is accompanied by another equally dangerous component: blurred consideration and perception of market chances or development scenarios. Present and future developments are either viewed too positively or too negatively, which leads to a distortion of the actual opportunities or risks.

Aryxe Research focuses on the development of objective bases for decision-making for medium-sized enterprises.

Research by Aryxe delivers the necessary data and analysis that lead to concrete insights and recommendations that in consequence help to push your company further. We focus on market analysis, feasibility analysis, and industry analysis – all areas which are essentially important for medium-sized companies in order to make decisions on future business developments and strategy definition.

Obtaining information about a certain target market is of essential importance in order to realistically estimate the general market potential, risks, and thereby one’s own possibilities. Aryxe evaluates geographic or product-typical target markets, analyzes the historical development as well as the future possibilities, tests the potential of the preexisting market participants to compete, and develops possible go-to-market scenarios. Together with client segmentation, the legal parameters are also highlighted and grouped thematically in order to gain the most comprehensive overview with regard to investment attractiveness for one or more target markets.

Are the plans for expansion realistic? Does a new planned product have the chance to make it in the market? Is a new branch necessary for the desired market entry in a new country? Can the production take place with equal quality in a new place? Every business which is active for a longer period of time in the market and which exports or manufactures products is confronted with such questions. Aryxe Research evaluates your intentions and keeps them in mind while gathering the appropriate raw data. Additionally, the data is analyzed and evaluated by our research experts – finally, a detailed report follows with all information, numbers, graphics, and statistics in order to facilitate decisions for you or to provide consulting specialists the necessary basis for detailed project work.


Product description and identification
Technical description and product features or service definition
Customer analysis and customer segmentation
CI, CD and product design and/or marketing concept


Production and processes
Capacities and scalability
Manpower and skills


P+L Report
Sensitivity analysis
S.W.O.T. analysis

Industry analysis by Aryxe Research deal with individual industry sectors and their importance for certain industrial sectors, future development opportunities, and the potential for growth and innovation. We concentrate predominantly on industry sectors of which we have deep knowledge and expertise.

Research by Aryxe provides medium-sized companies with unbiased professionally crafted bases for decision making.