• Research by Aryxe provides medium-sized companies with unbiased professionally crafted bases for decision-making.

  • Consulting by Aryxe enables successful entry into markets and facilitates the setup of branches and distributors.

  • Advanced Services by Aryxe structures complex processes and integrates internal and external services in preexisting business ecosystems.

  • XaaS Modules enable simple configuration of flexible, high-performance, and professional services that complement the resources already at your disposal.

We are dedicated to find new opportunities for our clients to increase their share of wallet from target markets and improve exposure to new clients. The businesses we work with come from a number of industries including IT, manufacturing, wholesale, hospitality and consumer goods. Take a look yourself…

Italian Restaurant

From a neighborhood restaurant to a culinary gem.

ServicesXaaSSoMaaS, WaaS

Guided by the principles of good food, high-quality ingredients, and journeys of taste, our strategy for La Rocca aimed to showcase the restaurant as an urban culinary destination. Keeping it modern, yet authentic, we streamlined a new identity for La Rocca through tactical social media tools and crafted a new visual branding for the business. Additionally, the development of their digital presence helps visitors keep the brand at the back of their heads when deciding their next restaurant visit.

Luxury writing instruments

Excellence in craftsmanship and attention to detail

Services: XaaSSoMaaS, DAaaS

As a leader in the production of luxurious writing instruments, Bossert&Erhard needed a partner for building their social media and online presence. The manufacturer is known for a unique take on the design of luxury pens, focusing on a precision-based production process and outstanding quality of the final product. Taking into account the unique selling points of the brand, our team outlined a strategy which elevates their core values to a more modern look and feel, strengthening their market presence and expanding to new segments.


Social media through the lens of e-commerce

Services: SoMaaS, DAaaS

FriseurProdukte24 approached us with a clear vision to refresh their image and build a brand identity that is easily recognizable by their customers. Following the latest developments in the beauty and e-commerce areas, our social media team crafted a tailor-made strategy, positioning the brand as the place-to-go to for professional hair products online. This approach is supported by a paid social campaign which monetizes the strong brand language in social media and drives the achievement of more targeted conversions.


“Exclusive by nature”

Services: SoMaaS

Our work with Laufruhe is underpinned by the strive for traditions and enhanced design. The wood – a unique representation of these values and a key selling point of their products – is a central focus on all branded content. Our social media team embedded the personal touch of the clockworks into a social media vision which streamlines the unique feel of the brand and enhances their online commerce strategy.

Children's park

Happy moments for children of all ages

Services: SoMaaSDAaaS

The largest children’s amusement park in Bulgaria, Park Boby & Kelly, approached us with a clear mission – to position the joyous atmosphere at the park to their social media presence and spread the “happy” mood to more families. Our teams work closely with the park to create a content strategy that embeds a consistent visual identity and a unique family-friendly language in social media. In addition, we worked on featuring sponsored posts for their seasonal and promotional campaigns, driving more targeted traffic and more visitors to their events.

Print house

Quality in planning and execution

Services: WaaSSoMaaSDAaaS

Following the latest industry standards in polygraphy, Europrint is dedicated to delivering high-quality printing services to their clients.  Their closed cycle of manufacturing, from creative conceptualization to final production, gives them a competitive advantage in a relatively saturated industry. This is why, we captured this ambition with a user-friendly web presence, showcasing their core competencies in the field and easing the purchase decisions of buyers. In addition, we focus on developing a strong social media brand presence while expanding their market share with targeted digital advertising.


Inspiring hotel showreel video presentation

Services: DPaaS

Hotel Marinela, Sofia, approached us with the challenging tasks to both boost their social media engagement rates and increase website booking conversions. After an intense brainstorming session and following the latest trends in Digital Production, the Aryxe team of creators came up with an idea to produce a dynamic marketing video sequence, including eye catching aerial footage of Victoria Group’s hotels and suites at the seaside!