Textile Industry in Bulgaria 2017

$193 bn

The global market for technical textiles

will exceed $193 bn by 2020.



Western companies who are doing business/have partners or suppliers/plan to enter the market or invest in Eastern Europe.


The current condition of the Bulgarian textile industry is seemingly good. However, the present analysis of the conditions paired with the future trends in this field and the evaluation of the emerging challenges in the Bulgarian textile sector compared to other textile industries in Europe, showed that essential structural changes in the textile industry in Bulgaria are needed. The following market analysis aims to give a detailed overview of the current situation of the industry. Based on it specific recommendations are outlined.

textile investments in Bulgaria
Some of the key findings are:

  • major structural changes are needed in order for the industry to sustain – a more specialized, niche approach is recommended
  • new ways to attract skilled workforce are required
  • prompt innovations in key areas need to be implemented

The analysis also examines what steps have been taken in other countries (in particular Germany), which suffered in a similar way after the sector has begun to shift production facilities abroad. Best practices from Bulgaria and Germany have been presented in detail. The insights from them could serve as a foundation for a more fundamental transformation of the industry.

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In the November 2017 issue of the Bulgarian Wirtschaftsblatt, Aryxe Group published an article on the Bulgarian textile industry and the opportunities and challenges for its future development.


The article was published in the only German-language business newspaper in Eastern Europe” – Bulgarian Wirtschaftsblatt.

You can read the full article here.