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Fashion goes digital

A year to forget for the fashion industry – but the future is looking good!2020 is going.....

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COVID19: The Hotel Industry Then & Now

by Aleksandra Gagic In our very first article in the Covid19 series, we talked about the aviation,.....

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What your phone knows about your life

A recent poll suggests that 80% of users would not opt-in to a method which tracks them.....

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COVID19: Air Travel Then & Now

Aryxe has dived in deep and analyzed the challenges all business areas are facing due to Covid19......

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Covid-19: Flugverkehr damals & heute

Aryxe hat sich in den vergangenen Monaten intensiv mit den Auswirkungen der Coronakrise auseinandergesetzt und analysiert, mit.....

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Social Media Marketing for Hotels: 5 Must-Try Tips

Who would not dream of the next holiday? Searching for destinations and hotels is one of the.....

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Künstliche Intelligenz im Content Marketing: eine Lösung der Zukunft?

Das Konzept der künstlichen Intelligenz (KI) gibt es seit mehr als einem halben Jahrhundert. Der Stanford-Forscher John McCarthy, einer der Gründerväter der künstlichen Intelligenz, prägte den Begriff erstmals 1955. 1979 schrieb McCarthy einen Artikel mit dem Titel “Ascribing Mental Qualities to Machines”. Darin schrieb er: “Maschinen, die so einfach wie Thermostate sind, kann man sagen, dass sie Wissen darüber besitzen, und dies scheint ein Merkmal der meisten Maschinen zu sein, die in der Lage sind, Probleme zu lösen.“

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Changes in influencer marketing and the growing importance of micro-influencers in the hospitality industry

Undisputedly influencers can tap into the right kind of audience and offer brand awareness – in industries from consumer goods to services and hotels and restaurants. Whereas most hospitality businesses acknowledge fathe benefit of working with Instagrammers or YouTubers, namely allowing hotels and restaurants to directly market to new audiences in a more personal way, the countless request of self-described Instagram stars for all-inclusive vacations in exchange for some social media posts has pushed some businesses to drastic measures.

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What’s it all about this year in Davos?

World leaders, corporate titans, academics and thinkers come together for the annual World Economic Forum in the.....

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