Why should I create a negative buyer persona?

negative Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a fictitious personality that represents your ideal client. By adding different customer data, it is created and used to illustrate the ideal type. A negative buyer persona, on the other hand, stands for customers who do not fit your product or service, who would not become a satisfied customer or even represent a problem customer.

A negative buyer person can have different characteristics. These are mostly people who are overly negative or unrealistic in their expectations who, for one reason or another, are not profitable for the company, who spend more time and money and sometimes burden the business with high initial costs.

By early recognition of this type of customer, marketing experts succeed in not addressing them in the customer approach, thus optimizing the communication with the buyer persona, which ultimately leads to more success.

When creating the negative buyer persona, the following questions should be taken into consideration:

1) For whom are my products or services not designed?

2) For whom are my products too expensive / too cheap?

3) Who can not understand them?

4) What prevents him from buying?

Considering the company history, the marketing experts should also look for customer cases that have brought your business into trouble. With this information, you can see what kind of customers are going to cost you more in the future. To identify them, answer the following questions:

1) Which customers do not stay with you long? Why?

2) Which customers write negative reviews?

3) What customers generate the lowest revenue?

4) Which customers had the highest customer acquisition costs?

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