Textile Industry in Bulgaria 2017: Technical textiles

The importance of technical textile will exceed $193bn by 2020. It is mostly driven by a growing demand for wearable technology, expanding applications in healthcare, transportation, protective textiles and agriculture.

Increasingly, smart fabrics are being used in sports fashion and performance wear but fashion apparel manufacturers are also starting to implement them. As a result, the textile industry is becoming increasingly influenced by science and technology.

According to a recent study, the proportion of the global technical textiles production is more than 25% . The most important application areas for technical textiles currently are Agrotech, Hometech, Indutech, Mobiltech, and Sporttech.

The “Textile Report Bulgaria 2017” by the Aryxe Group highlights technical textiles as one of the key areas of interest and investment in the textile industry.

Read more about textile industry in Bulgaria (available in German and English), download the PDF-version of Aryxe’s article in the “Bulgarisches Wirtschaftsblatt” and find out more about what Aryxe Research can do for your organization.

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