Next Generation of 5G Networks

5G networks

The next generation of mobile networks – 5G is much more than the faster Internet of the smartphone. With this technology, autonomous cars, eHealth, virtual reality and the gaming industry can realize their full potential.

5G networks enable the exchange of real-time information at speeds over 10 gigabytes per second, which is 30 times faster than 4G / LTE networks. The maximum possible speed in 5G is 20,000 MBit / s for download and 10,000 Mbit / s for uploading information. This is a big advantage when transferring large amounts of data.

According to China Unicom, quoted by RIA Novosti, the company launches a test 5G network in seven cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and the new economic zone near Beijing.

A number of Chinese universities and technical organizations are partnering to pool talent and resources and to promote the development of next-generation mobile technologies. The goal is to use 6G before 2030.

We are curious about what the future holds!


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