9 Astonishing Facts about Madrid!

aryxe destination in focus Madrid
1.The Bear and The Strawberry Tree

Madrid’s official symbol is ‘El Oso y El Madroño’ which is ‘The Bear and The Strawberry Tree’. A statue of the symbol is standing in Puerta de Sol which weighs over 20 tonnes and it is also presented on the logo of the football team.

The The Bear and The Strawberry Tree -Madrid

2. Guinness World Record-Oldest Restaurant

According to the Guinness World Record, Madrid has the oldest restaurant called El Restaurante Botín. It was opened in 1725 and still works today!

El Restaurante Botín Madrid

3. Second-largest metro in Europe

Europe’s second-largest metro is located in the capital, Madrid, which has been opened to the public since 19 October 1919.

Metro madrid

4. Madrid Metro has the most escalators in the world

The Madrid Metro has 1,698 escalators, the most of any system in the world. It also has 522 elevators.

Metro madrid

5. Nightlife Capital

Madrid is a city that never sleeps! Every night ends or starts with a party. Keep in mind that the nights are too late there, Madrileños often go to the clubs at the same time as the people in other countries go to bed!

Nightlife Capital

6. Ritual to find a man

Among all the interesting facts, this is perhaps the strangest. Every year, on May 15th, unmarried women in Madrid go to visit the chapel of Ermita de San Isidro to stick a needle into the finger and then bring it to Justice in order to find a man.


7. Miguel de Cervantes` Tomb

The monastery of San Ildefonso in Madrid, known as the Monastery of the Order of the Holy Trinity. It is believed that Miguel de Cervantes was buried here on April 23, 1616, one day after his death.

 Miguel de Cervantes` Tomb

8. The vault under the fountain

The Plaza de Cibeles, in the center of Madrid, allegedly houses the vault of the Bank of Spain under the fountain!

Fountain Madrid

9. Legal and Illegal

Spain is one of the countries in Europe where marijuana is used legally, as long as it is for personal use. However, smoking is not permitted in public places and the disclosure is strictly prohibited. Although it is illegal to name your child a religious figure Judas, Cain or Mandarina. These are the names of the fruits and therefore are not suitable for human.



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