Social Media Marketing for Hotels: 5 Must-Try Tips

Who would not dream of the next holiday? Searching for destinations and hotels is one of the most popular pursuits for the ones interested in travelling. But how to use this fact for yourself!?

You can impress your potential guests with the following five ideas:

Social media tip no. 1: Activate the “Ratings” function on your Facebook page.

The comments from previous guests inspire confidence and promise a positive hotel experience. A rich source of enthusiastic impressions could have positive influence and make the page easier to find even on a Facebook search.


Social media tip no. 2: Add the “Book now” button

Travellers who like what is to be seen on the hotel’s Facebook page and are willing to book, do not need to search for the official website or a third-party booking page. Instead, they should be able to complete their reservation quickly and easily using the “Book Now” button.


Social media tip No. 3: Post not only about the hotel, but about the entire area

A particularly effective way of increasing popularity on social media channels and increasing brand awareness is to use local events and campaigns that represent the identity of the area. Ultimately, many travellers are looking for a unique local experience that is of course also associated with a special hotel stay.


Social media tip No. 4: Create a unique hashtag for your guests

Both SEO and finding potential guests are strongly supported by sharing amazing photos on Instagram. Therefore, it is good to be able to link all of Instagram’s incredible guest photos. They are also displayed in the live feed on the hotel’s Facebook page.


Social media tip No. 5: Post photos and information about your employees

Happy employees, satisfied guests. Pictures of your employees would also give a very pleasant feeling to all of your guests, who will appreciate the hard-working people who stand behind their experiences. Nevertheless, the commitment of your team shows exceptional hospitality.


Social Media Marketing for Hotels: 5 Must-Try Tips

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