Advanced Services by Aryxe structures complex processes and integrates internal and external services in the preexisting ecosystems of the businesses.

The increasingly complex operations of modern businesses are often confronted with service contracts of varying duration, SLAs, performance profiles, and other components. Even narrow, efficient and well-organized companies have high potential for optimization and savings through precise service analysis. However, the increasing complexity and growing demands of today’s clients also mean that gaps often occur. Gaps that close almost automatically on account of high performance density and tightly staged service concepts; but also gaps that involve high specialization, as well as the required know-how of a certain sector that goes along with such specialization. Advanced Services by Aryxe are the key to creating the proper overview that will help your business become more efficient in the right places and thereby more cost-efficient. Finally, tailored and specialized Advanced Services by Aryxe close gaps in your preexisting organization. Advanced Services are also appropriate for bridging unexpected difficulties which are typical for medium-sized companies.

Step 1: Assessment, Analyses
The first step of Advanced Services contains an analysis of the current condition of the business – What is the current condition of the services of your business? Which Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are present and which not, which are sketchily documented or unclear? To what extent can the SLAs be renegotiated? Do services overlap or are certain tasks being covered twice and is your business paying, therefore, too much? Can contracts be dissolved prematurely and contract conditions such as prices and duration be renegotiated and determined? And which system-critical gaps do the current contracts present and how can they be closed?

The Services Assessment of Aryxe analyzes in detail your available services infrastructure, compares it with your long-term services strategy and produces an informative report. Based on that analysis, recommendations for optimization, enhancement of performance capabilities or cost reduction are suggested. The Services Assessment by Aryxe brings clarity and transparency to your services.

A Services Assessment by Aryxe brings clarity and transparency to your services.

Step 2: Services Management

The services landscape has become extremely powerful. Simultaneously, the complexity has increased – managed services, cloud-based services, SLAs, services delivery – those are only a few terms that illustrate how important overreaching services management has become.

The area of Services Management by Aryxe focuses on managing and enhancing the efficiency of preexisting and new service contracts. According to need and the client’s wish, XaaS modules by Aryxe can be configured into the existing portfolio, or, in the event of very specific demands, Aryxe develops a service tailored to your specific needs. Services Management by Aryxe – efficient, integrated, and tailored.

Services Management by Aryxe – efficient, integrated, and tailored.

Services Assessment

Cost Optimization

Get only the right services you need from specialized vendors. Many customers either pay too much for certain services or service packages they receive from different partners overlap. Aryxe will look at your existing services environment and develop cost-optimized solutions.

Efficiency Enhancement

Tightly aligned SLAs and back-to-back agreements not only facilitate cooperation, but also accelerate communication channels and minimize breakdowns in service and support. Our specialists consider the combined services as an entire organism – you profit from a uniform, homogenous services concept.

Project Management

The integration of different service profiles and service providers requires know-how and manpower, especially when the company operates internationally. The professionals at Aryxe have the necessary subject knowledge and international experience to implement complex projects successfully.

Tailored Solutions & Services

Even though modular XaaS Solutions provide the necessary performance for most businesses and the portfolio is becoming more and more granular, there are situations in which a standard service or standard module is not enough. At your wish Aryxe conceptualizes and manages an individual service for you – tailored and cut to your needs.

Contract Negotiations

Successful contract negotiations always require in-depth subject knowledge. The founders of Aryxe have years of international experience in IT, IT infrastructure, software, services, and cloud. Paired with international contacts means that you get an excellent launching point for negotiating or renegotiating service agreements.

Quality Monitoring

Long-term monitoring of SLAs and periodically capturing and reporting a defined series of quality measures not only improve the cooperation with external partners but also force internal procedures to be more structured and optimizes processes. At the same time, problem areas can be recognized ahead of time and handled properly.