In the year 1997 co-founder Stephan Muehlemann read the book “Beyond Business Process Reengineering: Towards the Holonic Enterprise” by Patrick Mchugh, Giorgio Merli, and William A, Wheeler. It was to become a book whose fundamental content would keep him busy to this day even twenty years later. At a time when enormous changes began to occur, the authors were dealing with future models of companies, their production and organizational structures, and the effects on the economy as a whole. One year later one of the most important articles in the magazine “Wired” appeared with the title “The Long Tail”, which highlighted the market potential and distribution model of products in mega niches. Already around 1996, “Wired” described not only crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and viral marketing but also explained mechanisms of social media and thereby predicted some of the largest tech trends – in some cases twenty years ahead of time. Both publications – the aforementioned book and ”The Long Tail” in the form of an article or a book – described innovative business forms that do not flow politically-dogmatically as is the case with all large companies, but rather are fueled by innovation and are product-oriented.

After Stephan had worked for a couple of years in Ireland and acquired a solid basis in mainframe computing and e-business in Dublin, the USA, and the UK, he began to work at Dell. Among other things he was the sales manager for company clients and for a couple of years was responsible for the indirect solution business for Central Europe, and then, finally, developed the indirect business for Dell in Switzerland and Austria. Stephan met Benjamin in Frankfurt in 2010. Then in 2011, when Stephan was working primarily in Switzerland, Benny moved to Zurich. Regardless of the resistance and reluctance of the local business manager in Switzerland at the time, the distribution quickly became successful and was responsible for the growth of Dell Switzerland. Now, the distribution is the preferred sales channel of Dell, and its manager at the time while his former colleagues occupy somewhat less prominent and strategic positions in other companies which better live up to their strategic agility.

In 2013 at an event in Paris, Stephan met the CTO of a Swiss cloud start-up and what was initially a classic partner-manufacturer relationship quickly became a strong cooperative effort, since Stephan was – and is – of the opinion that the time of monolithic large IT manufacturers was and is coming to an end. The developments of the past years, which affect all of the remaining powerful players on the market, show that the speed with which the market is simultaneously fragmenting and, on the other hand, condensing, has increased.

From the second half of 2014, Stephan was responsible for sales and marketing with the aforementioned cloud business. Stephan brought more colleagues from Dell on board and collectively a distribution concept was developed and preliminary contracts with renowned companies were made. Benny was responsible for the setup of the international partner network, and bases for an ambitious vision were quickly created – namely to make cloud services and cloud infrastructure accessible to medium-sized businesses by way of distributors and thousands of partners. Because of high costs, especially in the area of R&D as well as technical problems, the main investor decided to leave in 2015 and the fate of Cloudlynx was thus sealed, not to a small extent because of missed strategic considerations. Cloudlynx focused on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), the technical foundation of every cloud environment. Since IaaS delivers too little additional value and therefore presents merely a cloud-based application of a classic, physical server infrastructure, IaaS providers succumb to the same ruinous price battles as the classic manufacturers of IT systems.

At a start-up conference in London, just before the turn of the year 2014/2015, Stephan had the opportunity to speak with various representatives of large VC funds from the USA, Israel, Russia, and Germany. Combined with conversations between Stephan and founders of companies from various countries, it became clearly visible that the innovation push was headed in the direction of intelligent services. So, it quickly became clear that the fate of Cloudlynx was, too, neither a reason to quit nor to hire once again from a large, established corporation. The perception about the strategic focus of Cloudlynx fundamentally differed from the concept of the original founders, but Stephan and Benny were convinced in the enormous potential of cloud technology for the medium-size sector. After cloud events in Berlin and Brussels as well as conversations with Joe Weinman (“Cloudonomics”) and other business contacts, the realization thickened that cloud-based services and business models would revolutionize the IT branch not only midterm, as the personal computer in the 1980s or the internet from 1995 did, but also would have great influence on the entire business world. Providing firms of all sizes with professionalism, speed, and vigor – all based on scalable, well-matched, and flexible business models, just as if they were big corporations – that was the vision they both had in front of their eyes.

In order to make room for new thoughts, Stephan and Benny rented a loft in Mokotov, a neighborhood in Warsaw, one of the most interesting metropolises in Europe. Throughout May and June of 2015 and during day and night-long sessions, as well as long walks through the city, the concept for a new company arose. A company which develops future-oriented products and services for smaller and medium-sized companies. Business processes so simple, flexible, and efficient that companies can be configured just as a mobile phone contract. A company that knows how to apply the most modern technical developments in such a way that these developments can be made accessible to medium-sized companies through partner networks as flexible, scalable and professional business modules. Successively, work was done on business processes, services, and products; and the first partner conversations were carried out. From the second half, various sites in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk and Lublin in Poland, Vilnius in Lithuania, Tallinn in Estonia, Bratislava and Kosice in Slovakia, as well as Sofia and Varna in Bulgaria, were evaluated. Shortly thereafter, firms were founded in Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria.

Today, Aryxe has over 5 companies in 4 countries. With the successive expansion of our business modules, our team grows by one employee each month. Simultaneously, we are strengthening our investment in research and consulting services and ever more often we are developing our own research papers in an effort not only to build our own know-how, but also to be able to provide our clients with deepened knowledge in the respective sectors and areas.


Stephan M. Muehlemann is the CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Aryxe. Stephan has extensive experience in sales, business solutions, industry developments and marketing.

Stephan M. Muehlemann

CEO and Co-Founder
Creative Director

Benjamin Geissel is Aryxe's CTO and Co-Founder. He has years of experience in IT consulting combined with practical implementation skills.

Benjamin Geissel

CTO and Co-Founder

Richard Shibi

Blockchain Innovation Director

Kalin Nikolov is the CFO of Aryxe. Kalin manages Aryxe Group's finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, as well as financial reporting.

Kalin Nikolov


Manuela grew up in Hamburg and Berlin. She has a background in marketing and management. In the last 9 years, she managed teams in Berlin and the public relations and marketing teams of two theaters in Germany. In her function as Manager Services, she is responsible for the social media and digital advertising team as well as the contact person for all German-speaking customers.

Manuela Georgiew

Services Manager

Desislava Atanasova

Operations Manager

Aleksander is the digital mastermind behind many of Aryxe's and clients' digital projects.

Aleksandar Atanasov

Web Development

Milen Markov


Christo is a detail-oriented graphic designer and photographer with over 3 years of experience in delivering visual identity services to individuals and brands. He always strives to deliver a unique and efficient brand identity according to the client’s specific needs.

Hristo Sahatchiev

Graphic Artist

Daniel is part of the Social Media Team at Aryxe and is responsible for the content creation of our customers. He has studied media and event management in Munich and gained experience in working in both small and medium-sized companies during his studies. In his free time Daniel loves to explore new countries and unusual destinations. He is also a passionate skier.

Daniel Krasselt

Marketing and Advertising

Julia is part of the Social Media Team at Aryxe. Her past experience includes working for both public and private sector in the area of tourism, hospitalty, event management, marketing and consultancy. Her interest include customer segmentation and destination branding. Avid traveller, Wannabe Surfer Girl and Food Enthusiast.

Julia Atanassova

Social Media Expert


Enterprise structure The subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, as well as Switzerland, all belong to Aryxe Group AD. Further branches are planned for 2018, primarily in the Eastern European area. The share capital of Aryxe Group is distributed into 200,000 (two hundred thousand) owner shares. The combined equity of the group is worth 250,000 Euros.

Owners Over 90% of Aryxe Group AD is in the possession of the founders. In May 2017, the first stock package (5%) was sold to a new investor. From August 2017 our employees can participate in the long-term developmental success of Aryxe in the form of a combined stock/options program (Employee Stock and Options Purchase Program ESOPP).

Investor information In the course of further growth, another 5%-10% of the shares of Aryxe Group AD will be made accessible to investors in the next 24 months. For the calendar year 2017 a package of 1% (2000 stocks) is available. The price is set according to the growth of the enterprise, the number of new clients, the strategic direction and the most recently paid premium. For further information on investor relationships, please contact us at “” or through the contact form.

Values Being a medium-sized business with small and medium-sized businesses as clients, for us the most important business foundation is a long-term business relationship. Trust, continuity and performance capability are not catch phrases for us, but rather an integral component of our business philosophy.

Long-term approach Short-term business relations always mean much effort and complexity along with heightened costs. We think in the long-term and desire to take long-term responsibility for our employees, customers and partners. Long-term relationships could as well mean short-term projects, but always under the umbrella of a long-term business relationship.

Transparency Openness as a highest principle – our costs are always all elements included. Certain parts are quite often left out of a cost calculation – for example, energy costs, the cost of each square meter per employee, orientation and training fees, costs arising from fluctuations or simply additional wage costs, work breaks due to holidays, or increasingly expensive parameters.

Employee satisfaction The quality of our products and services is synonymous with the quality and motivation of our employees. We want to be the best possible choice for employees at our respective locations, not the most convenient. We do not minimize any social security benefits and we hire all of our employees directly. In addition to that, we do not operate with temporary work contracts. The employees of Aryxe also have the opportunity to take advantage of a fitness center of their choice for free. Thereby, not only employee satisfaction rises but also the fluctuation sinks. The result is greater service quality for our clients and partners. Aryxe compensates employees according to their performance and not according to age, sex, or other criteria. Conversations with employees regarding promotions and compensation take place in a transparent fashion and are documented.

Locations We choose the locations of our branches not only according to pure commercial considerations. Political stability, the observance of human rights and freedom of press in the respective country are very important to us. So, some countries automatically fall out of our scope as potential locations. We believe, however, that the observance of global standards is in the long-term more expedient and productive for our clients than short-term thinking, especially with regard to reports on this exact matter in the local press. The PR costs in order to clean up a tainted image and reputation must be considered in the cost calculation.

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German speaking Team Leader
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Senior Digital advertising Specialist
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