• Research by Aryxe provides medium-sized companies with unbiased professionally crafted bases for decision-making.

  • Consulting by Aryxe enables successful entry into markets and facilitates the setup of branches and distributors.

  • Advanced Services by Aryxe structures complex processes and integrates internal and external services in preexisting business ecosystems.

  • XaaS Modules enable simple configuration of flexible, high-performance, and professional services that complement the resources already at your disposal.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, the continuous process of change and development rooted in digital technologies, is far more than just a trend. Especially in medium-sized companies, digital transformation is often not an item on management’s agenda. In the face of global competition, experts deem the development and successful implementation of a digital transformation strategy as one of the deciding factors in the survival and growth of medium-sized companies.

Human Resources

Well-educated and motivated employees lie in the core of every successful business. At the same time, keeping up with the competition requires a constant development of employee’s skills and potential. These aspects present a challenge, especially in the technology sector, not only because the sector constantly changes and develops but also because new areas of interest are constantly on the rise.

Cost pressure

An ever higher and at the same time constant cost pressure– a problem with which every business owner and manager is familiar. Cutting costs blindly is rarely a sustainable strategy; what is required instead is a clear analysis paired with a strategic philosophy of innovation which lead to optimization of costs by implementing intelligent technologies and increasing efficiency.

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Detached from ideologies, no matter if one glorifies or condemns it, globalization is a reality. People, goods, and services are moving evermore internationally and globally. More and more, advanced technologies are enabling business concepts that are based on on-demand estimates, be it in communication, analyses or, increasingly, entire process areas.  All of this leads to permanently high transparency that makes objective comparison of different partners and providers possible.


Optimally adapting the performance of one’s own business to the market with consideration of the resources at one’s disposal, as well as reconciling clients with the demands of this process, is one of the most difficult tasks for the management of every business. Especially in small and medium-sized businesses, starting delays and interruptions are inevitable, which ultimately leads to higher costs and missed market opportunities. In time, precisely these missed market opportunities lead to loss of market shares to global competition.

Research and Development

Investing manpower, financial means and other resources into the business’s own research department or projects is one of the biggest challenges of the business world for most medium-sized companies. It is a task which can hardly be faced alone. But nevertheless, research and development is absolutely essential for the long-term success of a business and survival in the face of global competition.

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