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Where is the UK hospitality industry going? Key impacts on the growth of the hotel sector.

The hospitality sector in the UK has recently experienced stronger than anticipated trading performance driving a peak growth in occupancy and visitor rates. Hotels across the country have benefited from the weaker pound following Brexit poll and the influx of foreign travel, yet the shaky economic environment poses barriers for the growth of the industry.

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Are you our next Social Media Graphic Designer?

Aryxe is looking for a new addition to our graphic design team – Social Media Graphic Designer. The role involves working with our social media and graphic design teams to create visual designs that make an impact on social media users. If you think you are a social media superstar who has an eye for design, be sure to send your application with your most recent portfolio to us today!

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Event – WHAT IS NEXT? How hotels and restaurants can use the momentum after the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU?

WHAT IS NEXT? How hotels and restaurants can use the momentum after the Bulgarian Presidency of the.....

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How many “likers” walk through the doors of your business?

Did you know that Google will ask your customers to review your business after their visit? Location-based services feature new opportunities for brick and mortar businesses to create a loyal base of regular visitors and drive sustainable profits.

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How Blockchain will change the world

The ARX XaaS-Platform will be an independent platform on which modular XaaS-Services can be compared, analyzed, purchased, traded and managed in a standardized, secure and transparent format. In in a series of 8 articles, Stephan Muehlemann, the CEO and co-founder of Aryxe, discusses the development of blockchain, its role in business today and the ways in which it will change social structures.

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28 questions to our newest Aryxian – Alexandra!

Today we warmly welcome Alexandra to the Aryxe team. Alexandra is from Lausanne, Switzerland, and she will assist the social media team with a number of German client projects. We wish Alex an exciting journey forward and a great time in our office in Sofia.

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How will Brexit impact the fashion industry? 4 likely scenarios for textiles companies.

In the latest of our articles about Brexit, we look at the impact of the agreements between the UK and the EU on the fashion industry. Looking at the challenges and the options for textiles companies, we identify four scenarios for the future development of the industry.

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5 things you need to seriously consider when managing your company’s social media

Multiply the return on investment of your marketing activities by creating highly performing social media profiles. In our newest article, we discuss the critical factors which decision makers need to consider before starting their next social media campaign.

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Driving opportunities with the Chinese market

With China reaching the peak of its global trade and establishing its leading economic position, opportunities for collaboration with the country are becoming even more abundant. The recently planned One Belt One Road (OBOR) will not only create a vast network of physical connections with the rest of the world, but it will expand the state of international relations, creating the world’s largest platform for economic cooperation.

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31 questions to the latest additions to our team – Erika and Nikolay

We’ve had an exciting start of the new year here at Aryxe, because we welcomed our new hires – Erika and Nikolay. Erika will support the graphic design team, while Nikolay will take responsibility for our sales process. Both of them will be valuable contributions to our set of skills and the growth of the company. Learn more about them in this snap interview.