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Cash may no longer be “king” – Graph of the Week

The latest statistics from Finance UK show that last year saw the number of card payments exceed that of cash which proves that the long-established view that “cash is king” may no longer be valid. The trend was facilitated by the surge of contactless payments, which an increasing number of people adapt, hitting 13.2 billion transactions in 2017, compared to 13.1 billion for cash.

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How well do you manage your website? Avoiding a crucial mistake most website owners make.

Websites are businesses’ main point of interaction with current and potential customers. A website communicates the message that you want to spread to the world. For this reason, you need a website which accurately represents your brand personality, your values and most importantly, your products or services. Once you have it, the website needs to grow simultaneously with the development of your business.

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The power of social media as a recruitment tool

The use of social media as a recruitment tool is widely spread among a number of industries, some of the most common ones being the creative industry. Almost every advertising and digital agency is using social media to attract new applicants for their positions. Nevertheless, numerous other industries are also actively seeking new talent on social networks, including the military.

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Are we entering the era of voice? A review of the Internet Trends 2018 report

This week in Graph of the Week we look at Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends report, an annual overview of how the internet and digital services have developed in the last year. As a natural reflection of the events of the past year, this time the review focused on the protection of user privacy, the boom of e-commerce, China and its role in the digital economy, and work.

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“What is next?” Hospitality Event Recap

On Wednesday 31 May Aryxe had the pleasure to host “What is next?”, an event to discuss how the hospitality industry can benefit from the momentum after the 2018 Presidency of the EU in Bulgaria. Our office in Sofia gathered Aryxe experts and leaders from the industry, who collaborated in identifying opportunities for the sector.

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The untold truth about passwords – is your password one of the most commonly used ones?

We use passwords in numerous aspects of everyday life. Having a secure passphrase with which to access your personal data is of extreme importance when browsing online, managing financial transactions or even unlocking your cell phone.

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How can hotels increase the number of reservations through social media?

From the spark of interest for a destination, browsing similar content and researching, to booking the holiday, staying there and leaving a review afterward, social media content takes part in forming the preferences of users in each step of the way.

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The impact of Airbnb on hospitality – Do hotels stand any chance against “shared-economy”?

This week in Graph of the Week, we look at how services, such as Airbnb, managed to drive better performance than hotels by comparing the costs of a stay in both of them.

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How Blockchain will change the world – The fashion store which is a technology Start-up

In in a series of 8 articles, Stephan Muehlemann, the CEO and co-founder of Aryxe, discusses the development of blockchain, its role in business today and the ways in which it will change social structures.

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21 questions to Poli – our new team member

We would like to give a warm welcome to our newest team member – Polina. Poli is joining our team as a Social Media Expert and she will support the development of the product and the successful execution of our client work.