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The Destination in Focus today is Daejeon in South Korea. Daejeon is the 5th largest city in South Korea, with a population of approximately 1.5 million. Located in the central region of South Korea, Daejeon serves as a hub of transportation and is at the crossroads of major transport routes.

The city has been promoted as a city of science and education centred around Daedeok Science Town, more lately called Daedeok Innopolis. The research institutes and universities in Daedeok have spun off multiple startups. Korea has in  vested heavily in building up the research expertise for over 30 years, creating long-term research programs. Over 7,000 Ph.D. researchers are in the sciences in Daedeok.

More than 200 research institutes, including the research and development facilities of Samsung, LG, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), are located within Daedeok Science Town, locally referred to as „Daedeok Techno Valley“. This has earned Daejeon the name „Asia’s Silicon Valley“ and „high technology city“.

Researchers and businessmen work in the fields of telecommunications, nano fabrication, biotechnology, water, nuclear and hydropower, nuclear fusion, design, measurement technologies, mechanical engineering, fuel cells, aeronautics, new materials, robotics, new drugs, and environmental technologies.

Like all cities in Korea, Daejeon has adopted a Konglish town slogan: „It’s Daejeon“. For those who actually care, the „it’s“ is meant to be a backronym expressing; Interesting, Tradition and Culture, Science and Technology.


 Aryxe Destination in Focus is a series of publications in which we are going to explore the locations of our friends around the world. After doing an analysis of the traffic on our website and the geographic regions we do business with, we compiled a series of posts with curious insights about these destinations. 

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