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Hast du es satt, jeden Tag immer das gleiche zu machen? Vielleicht ist es an der Zeit, nach einem neuen Job zu suchen, über den du dich beschweren kannst… Nämlich darüber, wie toll und kreativ du jeden Tag sein kannst!

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„What is next?“ Hospitality Event Recap

On Wednesday 31 May Aryxe had the pleasure to host „What is next?“, an event to discuss how the hospitality industry can benefit from the momentum after the 2018 Presidency of the EU in Bulgaria. Our office in Sofia gathered Aryxe experts and leaders from the industry, who collaborated in identifying opportunities for the sector.

We would like to thank our guests and speakers for their input and the productive time we had together!

Scroll through the images below to explore the event for yourself and get some exclusive insights from our panel of speakers.

„„What is next?“ Hospitality Event Recap“ Weiterlesen

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